Day #208 – A Day with Alexander Graham Bell

LOCATION:  Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia – in West Central part of Cape Breton
CAMPGROUND:  Whycocomagh Provincial Park. 
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny.  Breezy.   Cool.  High 59

The  nights are getting pretty cold – almost to freezing, so it is time to bring out more blankets! 

Today’s outing was to Baddeck, a cute tourist town on Bras d’ Or Lake.  We stopped in the town of Whycocomagh to fish a bit, on our way.

No luck.  (No surprise)  🙂

Baddeck is the former home of Alexander Graham Bell, who moved here from Scotland .  We went to the museum which documents his life.  After inventing the telephone,  he used his earnings to spend a life dedicated to inventing other things.  He was a busy guy.  He developed a way for deaf people to communicate, and then went on to almost create the first airplane and hydrofoil, among many other inventions.  It was quite interesting.

All Canadian national parks and historical sites have these cute red chairs in front of them. 

Nova Scotia has just implemented a new phase in their fight to keep Covid 19 out.  Starting today, businesses require proof of vaccine before one can enter.  We gladly pulled out our vaccination cards for the museum and brewery.

Did I say brewery?  There is one in the area and we stopped to visit, of course. It is on the Bras d’ Or Lake atop a high hill overlooking the lake.  Quite nice.

DINNER:  My turn.  George grilled hamburgers on the campfire  while I toasted the ciabatta rolls.  I sauteed some onions and mushrooms to accompany the burgers.  Sides were corn that I had previously cut from cobs and had frozen, and Asian vegetables. 

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