Day #216. The best color yet in Cape Breton

LOCATION:  Cheticamp, Nova Scotia in NW Cape Breton
CAMPGROUND:  Cheticamp Campground, part of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.
WEATHER:   High 58.   Sun and clouds

Today was our last drive around the Cape on the Cabot Trail.  In the last 2 days, the trees have really started to turn, and today’s views were spectacular.

We stopped at a cute fishing village to check out their seafood market.  Since it is off-season, everything is frozen……and EXPENSIVE!  A pound of snow crab meat is $45!  Lobster – $47! 

The town has a nice harbor and light house.

We continued in a clockwise direction to the final town and then turned around.  The views of the Atlantic were beautiful

We had bad luck with lunch options.  We really like traveling in the off season (like now) as there aren’t many people and the weather is perfect for camping.  However, a down side is that several places, especially restaurants,  are closed.   The first two places we went to were closed and the third one, the only one open in the town, was packed to the gills.  So, we thought we would go back to the fishing village where we had spotted a chowder house earlier.  Alas, it was closed, too.  We were at the point of becoming “hangry”, so stopped at a grocery store and bought some snacks.  That tied us over until we could return to the campground/oyster market for more oysters.  They did not disappoint.  After some oysters and beers, we were happy campers once again.

Back at the campground, we took a nice hike.  We try to get it at least 4 kms (3 miles) per day. 

DINNER:  Tony’s turn.  He prepared meatloaf and a Mexican-style salad.  Very good! 

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